Family Story

Allan and Cameo VanDenBosch

    Cameo has known for a long time that she wanted to be a part of a child’s life as they face the harsh realities of the foster care system. She desired to serve in the foster care system with a positive, loving, Christian manner. A manner that shows the love of Christ to children in foster care and those working in the system.

Her own childhood was touched by the foster care system which helped to shape her life as a Christian, a parent, and now someone who wants give back to those impacted by child abuse, neglect, and abandonment. When her children left home for college, she realized that it was too quiet at home and feels that God put on her heart then to look into becoming a foster parent. It was not until they were unsuccessful at searching out the foster process on their own that they learned of the Fostering our Future ministry at our church, Kissimmee Christian Church. Cameo and Alan began their foster care journey with an initial informational meeting in September 2016 and immediately engaged in the process of becoming approved foster parents.

“Kelly” is an 18-year-old who found herself at the doors of Grace Landing, a ministry to aging out foster youth, in need of a place to live. “Kelly” grew up in foster care and was adopted as a pre-teen by her then foster parents, and was essentially abandoned again upon turning 18. Allan and Cameo initially met “Kelly”, established a relationship and offered weekend respite care for her as part of the foster family support team at the church. “Kelly” grew very close to Allan and Cameo over time and it was decided she would come to live with them on a full time basis at the first of the year.

The plan is for her to stay with Allan and Cameo until she finishes college. “Kelly” is currently in school and working 2 jobs. Cameo and Allan are loving her through the love of Christ as they help her prepare for adult life after school and learn to cope with the pressures of adult responsibilities. Their family has given “Kelly” a safe and stable home to acquire the life skills to live independently following college and the opportunity to discover the joy of knowing Christ.

    Allan and Cameo are continuing their foster care training and look forward to opening their hearts and home to additional children.  According to Cameo, “…these little peanuts need to feel safe and know God’s love”.

    God is using foster care ministry to attune the hearts of his people to his heart for vulnerable children and youth.