This is DaShawn.

You recently met DaShawn as we told you about when Frank (Juda’s husband) took him to visit colleges in North Georgia last month. DaShawn is entering his senior year at Osceola High School. He runs track, that was the focus of his college visits looking at schools where he could potentially get track scholarships.

But over the summer until school starts back, DaShawn needed to get a job. He was looking for a source of income, but also for something to keep him occupied and out of trouble. This week he started work… at two jobs! DaShawn will be working in the deli at Winn Dixie and in the shop at Hepler’s Auto Body.

DaShawn is super excited and ready to get started. DaShawn is showing himself to be a dedicated and committed young man to moving himself forward, bettering his life circumstances and equipping himself with the skills he needs to succeed.

DaShawn is also spending time this summer getting tutored. In order to put himself in the best position to receive the scholarships he hopes to get, he needs to ensure his grades are as good as they can be. This is yet another example of his willingness to do what he needs to do to propel himself forward.

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