In the midst of our Paddle Challenge, staff changes, new staff training and the day-in-day-out experience that is life at Grace Landing; we totally forgot to celebrate one of our young men! We posted a photo on our Facebook, but we wanted to take some time to recognize the hard work and effort of Angelo Armstrong. Angelo has been with us at Grace Landing for about a year. When he first came to us, he was in school at Harmony High School and he was riding a bike to school everyday and managing an overnight job at McDonald’s. Angelo worked very hard and eventually transferred to Gateway High School, for ease of class attendance. This was not an easy choice for him, but he made it in order to increase his chances for success and for completing high school.

The end of May and the beginning of June brought Angelo a birthday (he turned 19) and graduation from high school! We are so proud of Angelo and all his hard work to stay the course and finish high school. When he came to us, there were significant factors working against Angelo to reach this milestone. He was not deterred and rose to the occasion and overcame his obstacles.

Angelo has been accepted by Valencia and is awaiting orientation next week to register for classes. His educational plans include studies in business and health sciences. Angelo is also looking for a part-time job (so if you have an opening, or know someone who does… let us know!) and training for a marathon. Running is something Angelo uses to clear his mind and help him to keep on track (no pun intended) in life.

We are thankful for successes like this and want to celebrate Angelo and his hard work. Join with us in celebrating his success!

angelo graduates