The last few days there have been a plethora of people at Grace Landing doing a myriad of task, making incredible changes to our Group Home. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had seven different teams out to prep and paint the Group Home. We are immeasurably thankful to our community partners and friends who have made this possible. Yesterday, Statewide Cabinets installed the BRAND NEW cabinets and countertops they provided for us at no cost. We continue to be blown away by the generosity of our friends and partners.

As a reminder, here is the complete list of generous business contributing financially (either through a financial donation, providing supplies and/or providing labor for the work).

  • Kent Custom Homes – remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom
  • Terry’s Electric – updating our light fixtures and ceiling fans in the home as well as exterior lighting
  • Arnco Construction – repairing a bedroom door and frame, repairing closet doors and installing shelving and carpet in the bedrooms
  • Kissimmee Carpet and Tile – partnering with Arnco to provide carpet for the bedrooms
  • Jeff Wolfe Construction – removing a wall in between kitchen and breakfast room, repairing the pantry, repairing door frame from kitchen to garage and replacing doors (one from kitchen to garage and one from garage to outside)
  • Statewide Cabinets – installing kitchen cabinets and counter tops.
  • Crossfit Firebase – providing a work team for our March 28th work day
  • Bank of America – provided a financial contribution to cover the cost of the paint for the Group Home.

We are so happy with the work we have gotten done in the last few weeks. We still have a lot left to do (That means its not too late for you to get involved!), but we are making significant progress forward. Everything we have worked on so far looks incredible. Here are a few photos of the updated kitchen. Thanks to everyone who has partnered with us, we literally couldn’t do it without you!!

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