DeShawn, one of our Independent Living Youth, runs track for Osceola High School and is being scouted by several colleges. Berry College in Georgia is beginning to build a track team and they are interested in having DeShawn join their team as one of the first track athletes in the school’s history. This is potentially a wonderful opportunity for DeShawn, because he would be able to assist the team in developing their track program and have a chance to show them his talent and really shine on the team.

Frank (Juda’s husband) took DeShawn to north Georgia this week to visit Berry College. While they were on the trip, they were able to make a connection and visit Shorter University, where they found to coach who was very interested and willing to speak to DeShawn from the moment he met him.

DeShawn came home from this trip with a renewed excitement to finish his senior year strongly so he is able to attend one of these colleges on a track scholarship.

If you see DeShawn congratulate him and wish him luck!