Photo courtesy of Engage magazine available at:

Photo courtesy of Engage magazine

Some of you may know that Juda is a graduate of Lakeland Christian School. Lakeland Christian School publishes a magazine every quarter where they feature alums who are making a difference in their community. It was only a matter of time before Juda was featured. Juda has been chasing her dream of offering alternative living solutions for young men in and aging out of foster care. Five years ago this month, Juda opened Grace Landing’s first home for young men in foster care. Through the years, Grace Landing’s mission has remained the same – provide a loving, stable and safe Christian home for young men in foster care. We start each day at Grace Landing by focusing on our calling to minister to the orphans and widows of central Florida. Everything we do at Grace Landing is an expression of the call God has given us as his children to care for around us in need.

This is a huge honor for Juda and for Grace Landing. Please take few minutes and check out the article here.

This summer, Grace Landing is continuing our mission of providing housing for young men by opening a group home for young men. This will allow us to serve men a little younger than we are able to in our independent living transition home. This is a big step for us at Grace Landing, but we are confident God is going to put all the pieces in place so we are equipped to answer the call he has given to us. Grace Landing is continuing to partner with local churches to assist them in creating foster care ministries within their congregations. Grace Landing is committed to the foster youth in central Florida and we ask you to partner with us to provide a better future for these often-forgotten youth.