We are neck-deep in renovating one of our homes to convert it to a Group Home for foster youth ages 15-17. We plan to open this home this summer. As we began to discuss opening a group home, we took a look at the home we want to use in this capacity and realized we needed to do some work to it to bring it up to speed. We have partnered with several local companies who have been community partners with Grace Landing to accomplish all the work we need to have done (you can read more about those partners here).

This week we had several companies in and out doing work for us. You can see a bigger picture of the work we have had done so far by checking out our Facebook page (or clicking here). Today we want to thank Terry’s Electric for supplying and installing new lighting throughout the home.

Here’s a couple of the old fixtures they replaced:

Here’s the sleek, new, modern looking fixtures we now have throughout the home:

A HUGE THANK YOU to Terry’s Electric for making this possible!