We have lots of things going on here at Grace Landing! Juda, Matt and Eli are buzzing around like busy little bees. We are in the midst of gearing up for our Fourth Annual Paddle Challenge at the St. Cloud Lakefront, we are working to open a group home for teen-aged young men in foster care this summer, we are continuing to partner and work with local churches to answer God’s call on his people to do something about the foster care dilemma in central Florida, as well as our day in and say routine with the young men we currently have living on site at Grace Landing. This Saturday, March 28th, we have a the first of several work days planned to do some work on site at our soon-to-be opened group home. We will doing demolition work in preparation for our local partners who have committed to donating a wide range of products and services (check out this list of donated products & services and the related partners who are donating).

At Grace Landing, we are able to offer the ministry to young men in foster care that we do because of our partners. If you haven’t yet gotten involved in helping with any of the projects for our Group Home, it isn’t too late. As you can see on the previous list, we still have lots of work to do and lots of items we need donated.