Last week we completed our first ever week of new staff training! If you are following what is going on around Grace Landing, then you know we are opening a licensed Group Home for young men ages 15-18 in foster care and in need of a home; you know we brought a new intern on for the summer; and we hired the Family Teaching Couple who will be living in the group home. With all the new adjustments and changes around Grace Landing, we held a week long training for all of our staff to train ourselves on the procedures, methods and skills we want to employ in our group home as well as our independent living home. We have a lot of fun as we discussed some core concepts and ideas essential to the work we do daily at Grace Landing. We discussed Abraham Maslow and his theory on human needs. We Spent time walking through Kubler-Ross’ cycle of grief and learned about Sutherland-Fox’s thoughts on grieving also. We Discussed Eric Erikson’s model of child development. Juda spent three days training us in Trust Based Relational Intervention or TBRI. We discussed the cycle need and attachment and gained a greater understanding of the situations and circumstance our young men come from. We finished up the week by ensuring we are better informed about trauma and how it continually impacts foster youth. All in all, it was great week where we learned a lot and began to grow closer as a staff team and deepened the relationships we will build upon to complete the work God has called us to.