Each year many of us begin the new year making a resolution to change something about ourselves or something about our lives. Most resolutions center around things like eating better or exercising more. These aren’t the only kinds of resolutions that can be made. We can make a resolution to get more involved in the dilemma of foster care. We can make a resolution to get more involved in living a religion that is pure and undefiled as described in the book of James. Religion that is pure and undefiled is to care for orphans and widows. To care for foster children. To get involved in their lives to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. At Grace Landing we have numerous ways you can get involved in the lives of our residents. Some of the easiest ways to get involved are: by becoming a mentor to our young men; if you own a business or are in charge of hiring you could allow our young men an opportunity to work with your company; you could assist us in getting new carpet in our residence at Grace Landing; you could begin a monthly donation of $30 a month; or you could become a foster family. There are many other ways to get involved at Grace Landing, drop by the office, shoot us an email or give us a call and we can get you involved in forever impacting the lives of these young men.

new years resolutions