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Grace Landing still needs your help to wrap up our group home!

We need a flat screen television for the foster youth in the group home.

We need a grill for the group home, so our Family Teaching Couple (house parents) are able to utilize it for meal preparation and fun times with the foster youth.

I know what you are thinking, do they really need a flat screen and a grill? The answer is yes. For one simple reason.

Normalcy. Normalcy is a fancy-sounding word to mean we want to foster youth to experience a normal teenage life as much as is possible while at Grace Landing. We want to offer them the same opportunities other youth not in foster care have.

We have found, it is the little things like this which allow the foster youth to feel like they belong in a family and they are living a normal teenage life. We have a PlayStation 3 that was donated to us we plan to use the TV for, as well as a Surround Sound System which was donated to us. Our Family Teaching Couple (FTC or house parents) come to us with an extensive history of grilling food and would like to build on that experience to make our foster youth feel at home.

If you are able to provide these items, please contact Juda ( or Eli (