Raising a Modern-Day Princess

As 2016 began, we kicked off a program working with homeless young women. We are very excited about this program and have already seen the ways God is working in laying the groundwork to make this something special that will touch the lives of the young women we serve and the families who serve them

We are taking a slightly different approach with young women. Instead of finding a home for them to reside like we do for the young men, we have partnered with local churches to identify  families who are willing to invest in the lives of these young ladies. They will open up their homes and hearts to allow the youth to stay in their home, not as a roommate but as a daughter, a part of a loving family.

The purpose of Grace Landing’s Becoming A Modern-Day Princess: Living with Purpose, Value and Strength” program is to address and resolve the issues for homelessness, pregnancies, and education and provide a support system for youth who are between the ages of 18 and 23, many of whom have aged out of the Florida foster care system.

Grace Landing’s, “Raising a Modern-Day Princess” program begins as soon as the young lady enters into our program. This program begins building the relationship between the family and the young lady immediately. A Journal for living with purpose, value and strength will be given to the young lady and she will journal five times a week, doing some things with her step-in-mom. The family will be given the book, Raising a Modern-Day Princess as a guide, along with a box with all the needed materials to go along with the Program. Step in mom and young lady will openly discuss the following:

  • The Princess Within – Many young ladies do not understand they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each young lady will take a personality test and review their strengths and weaknesses to learn how we are all made different.  Friends and adult mentors will write what they like about her on cards and give them to her as a keepsake.  Lastly step-in-mom will also take the personality test and they will be able to share and discuss their strengths and weaknesses together.
  • A Royal Destiny – Study Queen Esther, her heritage and legacy.  Ladies will look at their family legacy and see the strengths and weakness, then choose what legacy they want to leave their family.
  • The Wealth of Wisdom – Young ladies will learn the importance of obedience, good judgment and discernment.
  • The Value of True Friends – Understanding what qualities are most important to them in a friend, how to be a real friend, evaluating their friends and celebrating friends!
  • Beyond My Kingdom – What would you like to experience or pursue? Take a career test and begin researching and planning for the future.
  • Looking and Acting Like a Princess – Watch the movie The Princess Diaries. Young Ladies will learn how to take care of their bodies, eating, drinking plenty of water and taking care of their skin.  In addition, young ladies will learn how to apply makeup and take a course in manners.
  • A Portrait of a Prince – What does a man of integrity do? What makes a good man? What you want your future prince charming to be like? Also how to handle disappointments and handling the guy-girl relationship.
  • The Princess in the Mirror – How to deal with feelings? Discussing with step-in-mom what emotions she deals with the most and how she handles them.
  • Dancing with the King – Teaching who to turn to when you’re hurting or troubled.
  • A Crowning Celebration – Step-in-dad will pour a blessing on the young lady and place a beautiful tiara on her head and give her flowers.   The ceremony will be planned by the family and young lady.  It may be a quiet ceremony or something elaborate, whatever they plan together and can afford.

With the young ladies living in homes where families have learned to connect, empower, and correct, where young ladies have learned their value and where an independent living coordinator will help with education, job training, and social interaction. Grace Landing plans to decrease the number of homeless females, decrease the number of pregnancies and increase the number of females getting their GED’s or high school diplomas.


Without the donation from the Ruth McCormick Foundation, this program would not be possible. We are very thankful for community partners like them!