In January of 2014, Eli Westfall (one of our staff) ran his first marathon. As the miles wore on he hit ‘the wall’ and felt like he wanted to give up and quit. Like most of us, as we near the finish line of any daunting task we feel as though we have given every thing we have and feel like our reserves are gone. As Eli rounded the last turn of the race, bringing the finish line into sight he was invigorated with a renewed sense of energy and purpose and found he actually did have the strength and reserves to finish the last few miles to finish the race.

 At Grace Landing, we have rounded the final turn and we have the finish line in sight and we have our group home almost complete. There are a few loose ends as far as work goes to wrap up. We have one last inspection to be completed. We have turned in all necessary paperwork for our application with the Department of Children and Families.

 The end is in sight.

 As we take a moment to realize how close to be finished, we realize two things: we couldn’t do it without all of our community partners; and we still have some big needs left! We have almost all the work completed, but we still need many items to furnish the home and provide a safe, stable and loving environment for the young foster boys who will live there. Please take a moment to check out this list of some of the big ticket items we still need or check out our gift registry at either Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond for some the smaller, yet still critical items we need (to find the registry search first name Grace, last name Landing at either store).

 We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us get our group home up and running. God has used many servants to accomplish his work at Grace Landing over the last couple of months. We couldn’t have completed this work without the help of God’s servant like you. Thank you so much!!

 Enjoy these photos of the completed work in each home!